The dynamic man pursues the path of knowledge, rediscovering fragments of the Great Beauty in the museum of Pietrarsa, in a tribute to the first section of railway line in Italy. He voyages through Tuscany's hills between Siena and Val d'Orcia, on board an uncompromisingly charming and stylish steam train.
All the appeal of timeless elegance is in praise of a slow pace which conveys an unrivalled quality of life. Quality versus quantity. Personal pleasure of a journey in which exclusiveness is a value essential for the man who likes to choose, the man who seeks out signs of distinctiveness within the smallest of details.
A lesson in living, on a train from yesteryear in royal carriages set amidst luxurious wood panelling, velvet and brass. He is hand in hand with his father, dressed with the same sophisticated style and comfortable luxury, in keeping with the rules of timeless elegance that are handed down from one generation to the next. The symbol of this creative energy is the steam train, which has featured in the dreams of liberty for generations of children; a past set miles apart from today's technology, yet no less steeped with excitement.