The unrivalled appeal of speed is interwoven with the roots of the area, vintage cars and the Italian tricolour flag. These three wholly Italian values represent the message STEFANO RICCI launched with the Fall/Winter collection presented at the Mugello Racetrack.
From casual looks that bear witness to the balance struck between comfort and elegance, to black tie suits that stand out in the wardrobe of the perfect gentleman. Tradition and innovation round off the style of STEFANO RICCI. DNA intrinsically linked to the "Made in Italy" philosophy and attention to the tiniest details.
A lesson in living, on a train from yesteryear in royal carriages set amidst luxurious wood panelling, velvet and brass. He is hand in hand with his father, dressed with the same sophisticated style and comfortable luxury, in keeping with the rules of timeless elegance that are handed down from one generation to the next. The symbol of this creative energy is the steam train, which has featured in the dreams of liberty for generations of children; a past set miles apart from today's technology, yet no less steeped with excitement.