the Great
Florence, the Great: daughter of the Guilds, the medieval crafts and the Renaissance. She is a city capable of expressing her internationality, even in periods of diminished acclaim such as in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This is the unprecedented angle taken for this stage in the journey of Italy's Great Beauty.
The collection is a tribute to Florence from Fontana delle Rampe designed by Giuseppe Poggi to the temples of hospitality of the city: the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, the Belmond Villa San Michele Florence, The St. Regis Firenze, The Westin Excelsior Florence, Helvetia & Bristol and Villa Cora.  
The colours dictate the lines, with oranges reminiscent of the roofs found in San Frediano, terracotta pots and the magnificent tiles on Brunelleschi's dome. The eternal colours of Florence: shades of pietra serena, of the green panoramas that surround the city, interspersed with cypresses and lavender, of rusticated ashlar facades with underlying strength and class, of brushstrokes from the sky that inspire Ricci Blue, of emerald green that enhances white mother of pearl buttons, of texture on these tones through the bamboo motif that characterises a vivacious pocket or a secret finish.