All SR products are made from the highest quality materials following a true 100% Made in Italy production. In fact, most items are 100% Made in Florence with all stage of manufacturing located in the company headquarters of over 9000 square metres on the hills of Fiesole. Designed, crafted and subjected to the most exacting quality control, each piece represents true perfection guaranteed by the brand’s fully integrated production process. To ensure these exclusive items remain as immaculate as the day of their purchase, it is important to use the correct maintenance methods. We invite you to learn more about the care of these unique pieces that may be passed on through generations of style.


  • When washing fabric articles carefully read and follow the specific instructions on the care label attached to each product.
  • Be mindful of your jewellery and avoid excessive contact with rough surfaces, oils, acids and perfumes.
  • Keep items with leather and leather goods in well-ventilated, cool and dry places.


  • PWe advise you to gently use a soft and clean natural fibre cloth to polish the precious items
  • Avoid contact with abrasive substances, oils, acids and perfumes.
  • Store your precious items in their separate original packaging.


  • Porcelain, Sterling silver, and crystal should be washed using only mild neutral dish detergents with rinses in warm water; refrain from using harsh detergents, or hard sponges which may scratch delicate decorations.
  • Items in porcelain, Sterling silver, and crystal may be dried and cleaned using a soft natural fibre cloth; please note that leaving the product to dry in air can provoke calcium and hard water build-up.
  • We recommend that you polish your Sterling silver pieces with specialised Sterling silver cleaning products using a soft clean natural fibre cloth. Use only lengthwise motions and never clean in a circular motion as this may cause scratches. Crystal items however may be shined once dry with a soft, clean and dry natural fibre cloth. We advise using gloves while polishing in order to protect the clean surface from fingerprints and other spots.
  • Refrain from cleaning SR Home pieces in a dishwasher unless your item is specified as being dishwasher safe. If you have any doubts, please check contact our customer service.
  • Refrain from putting the porcelain in a freezer or refrigerator as this may cause cracks or chips in the material; rapid temperature changes may also cause cracks or breakage in crystal items.
  • Store items in porcelain, Sterling silver, and crystal in a safe place at room temperature and protected from strong direct sunlight and humidity. Silver items are purposely provided with boxes made of Plastazote (an antioxidant material) which protects the metal from tarnish.